Hey everyone, today I am doing something a little different than what I have done before. I will be talking about a new product called the Amazon Echo Look and giving you all a look at the devices features and what I think about it.

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Amazon describes this device as being their cloud-connected hands-free camera and style consultant. Amazon announced this device back in April, but it is currently available by invitation only, so you won’t be able to get your hands on it just yet. This benefits you because you will be able to see all of the reviews and make a more educated decision as to whether or not it is right for you, before you have the chance to impulsively buy it, which is something I would do. It does retail for $200, but it is equipped with a hands-free camera and Amazon’s Alexa, which is the AI assistant that does anything from tell you your commute and the weather to play music and answer your questions. The hands-free camera is the main focus of this new device and it takes pictures and videos of your outfits when you give the command “Alexa, take a photo/video,” which it then uploads to the Alexa Look App.


The device comes in three parts, the base, that you screw into the camera/speaker portion. The main portion, which is made up of 4 LED lights, a depth-perception camera, and microphone and speaker to talk to and hear from Alexa. There is a small hole in the back in which you connect the cable that plugs into the wall for power. The device comes with an extra part that is a detachable wall mount, so you mount it to the wall and can slide the attachment on and off the device. Set-up is really easy it  takes less than 10 minutes to put the decide together and connect it to the App. The device works with the Echo Look App which is where all the photos and videos are saved as well as where the interactive functions of the device are located.

The App

In the dashboard of the app you will find tips for taking great videos and pictures, help with Alexa, shortcuts to the Style Check Function, and other information and tips that you might find useful. The bottom row has icons for the main features, which include the Lookbook and Style Check, there is also a camera function where you can make sure you are aligned and get the view of yourself that the Echo Look has before you snap a photo.

Style Check

So the app has a feature called Style Check, which allows you to compare outfits it is a service that combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists and it tells you in about a minute which outfit looks better and why. Once you receive the results you see that each outfit is given a percentage and the higher percentage shows the outfit that was chosen as the better option and right underneath it will tell you why that one was chosen over the other.

I think this function is pretty cool if you are stuck between two outfits and you really don’t know which one to choose. Some people might take it as being really judgey, or why is a machine telling me what to wear. I see it more as, a lot of us are constantly asking our family and friends, are husbands and boyfriends, if what we are wearing looks ok or if this looks better than that. Sometimes they say yes without even looking at us, so I think it is cool to get another opinion and with a reason behind it.


“take these suggestions with a grain of salt and ultimately wear what you feel more comfortable in”


However, I do want to point out that when I got this I had a long day of traveling I was dressed very casual, and I got home had just received my Amazon Echo Look in the mail. It was late at night, but I was super excited so I set it up, I wanted to start trying it out I was taking some test pictures in what I had been traveling in all day. The following day I took some photos in the outfit I filmed the review in, which was much cuter, and I used the Style Check Feature for it to tell me which one it thought was better. It ended up choosing the look from the day of traveling and the reason it gave was that “the shape looked better.” I personally felt a lot more confident in what I was wearing to film, so I think it is important to take these suggestions with a grain of salt and ultimately wear what you feel more comfortable in, but I do think it is really cool if you are stuck between two outfits and would like an unbiased opinion.


The Lookbook function allows you to see all your outfits, by day along with the date on the top left. If you click on a video you will be able to see a 360 degree view of outfit and if you swipe up you will be able to see the date that it was taken along with the weather for that day. If you hit on a picture and swipe up you will see that there is a Explore Similar Items function where you can shop similar items on Amazon. I haven’t been able to get this to work, I think it is because the device is so new and they are still working on it. You can also hi an image and tap on the heart icon, which will save it to your Favorites so you can keep track of all of your favorite outfits!

In terms of the Lookbook there are some things that I like about it and some that I just personally would not use it for. I do like the idea that if you put together a combination of an outfit that you’ve never done before, so maybe a sweater with some pants or a skirt, or a dress with these booties or just anything, maybe you have your hair a certain way with this outfit and the accessories that just look really great, you can take a picture and it documents what day you wore it so you can remember where it was and you can either recreate this outfit or see what you liked about it and do something like that again. The thing I don’t thing I would use from this Lookbook function is that it says that you can keep track of your daily outfits. I personally don’t think I will be taking pictures of what I wear every single day, there’s days where I just throw on whatever and I don’t want to be taking pictures of that. So, I won’t be using the daily lookbook, look at what you wore everyday aspect of that function.

It also has a function where you can explore similar items on Amazon to view similar options to those on your picture. This is not a game changer for me, I don’t find it beneficial to be buying items that I already have similar ones to. I think it would be more beneficial if you could upload photos of celebrities outfits or someone you saw on the street whose outfit you loved and they let you take a picture and you can upload those and get suggestions on those pieces. I think it would be more of a win-win in that situation because you would be able to find items that you really like on someone else at Amazons super affordable prices and be able to shop it through them. For me personally I don’t find it beneficial to shop items I already have. Although there is research that shows that people gravitate towards similar items because that’s just simply their taste in clothes or whatever it may be, I feel that is more unconscious and that people are less likely to buy an item when they know they already have something super similar to it. ALSO, I haven’t even been able to use it so I may be really wrong as to what it does, but I’ve tried and nothing comes up so I think that feature isn’t fully functioning yet. Again, it is so new so they are still testing things out so it may be cooler than what I think it is.

Final Thoughts

Technology is wild!! Like, what have we come to, this is kind of crazy!


Pricing I think is spot on, $200 for a handsfree style assisting camera that also has Alexa built in is very reasonable. I think you get a long of bang for your buck especially considering that the device will continue to advance.

One thing I find so cool about this device is the perspective in which it photographs. We have always had to rely on mirrors and mirror selfies to see how our outfits photograph. I think very few people set up a self-timer on their phone just to see what there outfit looks like on camera, if you do, props to you. Sometimes when you look in the mirror something looks great on, but when you see pictures of you from behind or just the outfit photographed in general you realize it might not be as great as you thought it was. This is a super fast and easy way to see what your outfit looks like from all angles, photographed, it saves to your phone so you can send your friends pictures.

Some people may have concerns about security, because it is cloud based, and it does have a microphone and a camera. I personally am not worried about it because we have phones, webcams, and a lot of other technology that could be doing the same thing. So I think if you are worried just unplug it, throw a towel over it to cover the camera and call it a day. If it truly is a concern of yours then it is probably not the best device for you.


“I think it needs to evolve to have more useful and practical functions, but I am also pretty certain that it will get there”

Overall, I think this device is great for anyone who is into clothes, fashion, or has ever asked “what looks better?” haha! I really really like it and think there is a lot of potential for it to become something that can change the game, and what it is right now is really fun, but i’m looking forward to seeing what it becomes! There are those things that I just wasn’t feeling, but their will be improvements so they are in no way be-all and end-all. I think it needs to evolve to have more useful and practical functions, but I also am pretty certain that it will get there.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions comment below and I will get back to you!